Tuesday, May 1, 2007

House Rules for scribbling on the Home Shell

Dear fellow Naked Hermit Crabs,

We have specially built the Home Shell to share nature facts and guiding tips for our walks.

If you have anything interesting to add to an entry, just make a comment to it!

We welcome sharing of information and will be glad if you add an entry. But please do read the following guidelines before doing so.

House Rules for Scribbling on the Home Shell

It's all about getting naked - less is MORE!
  • Please don't be long-winded. Go straight to the point.
  • No flowery language and difficult words.
Share only THREE facts that would be interesting to ordinary people. Ordinary people tend to be intrigued by

  • Sex
  • Violence: catching prey, escaping from predators
  • Features or behaviour that are disgusting, funny or weird
  • How it contributes to our daily lives (e.g., can eat or not?).
Share interesting ways to present the information/lifeform:
  • Questions that encourage thought, closer observation;
  • Things to do: smell, feel, taste, hear, see
  • Include at least one corny joke!

Share useful tips on how to find the lifeform, and how not to/to handle it.

It will be great if your three facts can bring across the core CRAB messages

  • Care Inspire visitors to care for nature. We must be careful when visiting nature places and minimise the damage. The shores are fragile and animals are delicate.
  • React Encourage reaction and participation from visitors. Make them feel for and interact with the shore.
  • Appreciate Highlight why we should appreciate nature, what it offers us, and why we should conserve it.
  • Balance There should be a balance between nature and development. Conservation does not mean anti-development. There are ways to work around the problems, and nature can also complement development.

Include one or two photos to illustrate your point, but not too many please.

  • Photo specs: max 400 pixels across. This is to keep the site fast loading and to avoid messing up the layout.
In addition to the THREE naked facts, if you have additional information that is interesting for other Naked Hermit Crabs to know AS BACKGROUND, you can include it under a heading Too Much Information. This information should not be force-fed to visitors unless you want them to go into a coma.

You may include links to more information (pls choose reliable sources yah?) and keep the link list short.

The moderators may amend your entries and photos so that they meet the guidelines.

The moderators may also manage the labels of your entries.

If you are posting for the first time, please look at the other scribbles for reference.

Thanks :)

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