Friday, May 18, 2007

Geology of Sentosa

NF#1: The cliffs of Sentosa appears to be wearing a nice pink layer of blush and this is thanks to the iron within the rocks which acts like make up for the cliffs which are actually made of sandstone. Iron reacts with the constant supply of fresh sea water and result in iron oxide which give it the pinkish reddish glow. It's better than Estee Lauder!

NF#2: The giant balls that look like bird shit littering the beach are actually not natural rocks! They are originally part of the sea wall that people built to prevent further erosion of the cliffs. So instead of eroding the cliff, the waves instead erode the sea wall that sacrifice themselves by standing in front of the cliff. Over time, the sea wall breaks down into pieces and then like any other normal boulders, it becomes smoothened and polished by the waves over decades and centuries.

NF#3: These natural toilets for boys and girls in case of urgent calls of nature are actually natural! They are not made by a kind hearted naked hermit crab to cater to your urgent needs. Instead, they were made by waves over hundreds of years, constantly hitting at the cliffs everyday. First they form little nooks then eventually become bigger caves! Over time, you might even find some have broken off from the cliff to form "stacks" like the Broken Soul Cliff 断魂崖 near Shangri-la!

NF#4: These strips of rocks are not the latest dykes or seawalls built by the government to prevent sea level rise. They are again naturally made coastal platforms. Imagine the beach is made of a giant kueh lapis of alternating hard and soft rocks. Eventually the waves will erode the soft rocks leaving the hard rocks that you are stepping on today!

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