Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ecosystem - Mangroves

Naked Facts:

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NF#2: Seagrasses need the mangroves.
a) Mangroves can slow down the speed of water from inland, therefore causing fine silt to settle around the mangrove forests.
b) But if these fine silt reach the waters, they will cloud the water, block the sunlight and the seagrasses will not be able to make food (photosynthesize) and flourish.

NF#3: No durians with mangroves?Read more about this here.
Did you know?
It is believed that the earliest species of mangroves came from the Southeast Asian region.
There are more mangrove species in this region than anywhere else in the world.

Too much information
NF#4: Pollution Controller
a) Mangroves help to control some forms of pollution, including excess amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous, petroleum products, and halogenated compounds from reaching the seas. Mangroves stop these contaminants from polluting the ocean waters through a process called rhizofiltration. But the over-existence of these pollutants can kill the mangrove trees.
b) Rhizofiltration is the filtering of water through a mass of roots to remove toxic substances or excess nutrients.

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