Sunday, July 22, 2007

Api-api (Avicennia)

All Api-api species (Avicennia sp.) have pencil-like roots that are equal in diameter more or less throughout, with blunt rounded tips (compared to Sonneratia which has conical roots with sharp tips).

Api-api bulu (Avicennia rumphiana)
Leaves shaped like a Chinese soup-spoon, furry on top and below.
Small flowers in a compact, cross-like formation. It blooms quite often.
Fruits furry, flattened.

Api-api putih (Avicennia alba)
Leaves long and narrow, white underneath.
Small flowers on a more obvious cross-like formation. Blooms often.
Fruit furry, often with a long tip.
Api-api ludat (Avicennia officinalis)
Leaves shaped like a Chinese soup-spoon, shiny on top and below, not furry.
Large flowers on an obvious cross-like formation. Seldom blooms.
Fruits large and furry, flattened.Secretes salt on the leaves. In dry weather you can sometimes see the salt crystals there.

Links to the common Avicennia
from the Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore
Api-api putih (Avicennia alba)
Api-api ludat (Avicennia officinalis)
Api-api bulu (Avicennia rumphiana)

This Avicennia is rare
Api-api jambu (Avicennia marina)

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