Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rare coastal forest trees of Chek Jawa

These trees of Chek Jawa's coastal forest are considered rare simply because most of Singapore's coastal forest habitats have already been cleared.

Nyatoh tree (
Pouteria linggensis)

Pong pong tree (
Cerbera odollam)
The Pong pong trees we see on growing our streets are from Malaysia. Our native Pong pong trees are very rare as most were wiped out as our coasts were developed. There are still a few native Pong pong trees on the shores of Chek Jawa, clinging onto the rocky cliffs.
Fruits are poisonous and often used as rat poison and for stupefying fish in small streams. Oil from seeds is rubbed on the body to treat cold, rheumatism and scabies. The latex is applied to sores and also as a remedy for stingray poison.

Delek air tree (Memecylon edule)
There are several of these rare and beautiful trees on the coastal hillside of Chek Jawa. The bluish purple flowers turn into red be

Sea shore nutmeg (
Knema globularia)
There are several of these trees in Chek Jawa's coastal forest. Hornbills love to eat the fruits.

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