Monday, August 20, 2007

Chek Jawa Boardwalk

NF#1: The CJ boardwalk was constructed in about 18 months, but the impact on the rich seagrasses and sandflats was minimal. This is because the barge only brought in the construction material for the workers to do the piling during high tide, and when the tide got lower, it returned to deeper waters.

Interesting note: We started seeing oysters, mussels and barnacles on the pillars just weeks after they were placed! And we had seen healthy sea anemones growing just next to the pillars! The public walks were only suspended when the floods in January 2007 caused the massive mortality.

Question for Visitors: What material do you think the boardwalk is made of?

NF#2: While the boardwalk looks like it was made from wood, it was actually made from concrete and fibre glass! The mold used to make the boardwalk was made based on real wooden planks.

NF#3: The entire boardwalk is 1.1km long and has 2 sections - the coastal section (600m) and the mangrove section (500m).

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