Friday, August 17, 2007

Legend of Ubin and Pulau Sekudu

Naked Fact #1:
Three animals from Singapore -- a pig, an elephant and a frog -- had a challenge to see who would reach the shore of Johor first. Whichever animal that failed to reach the shore would be turned into rock. All three creatures had difficulties swimming the Straits and the frog turned into Pulau Sekudu, while both the pig and the elephant changed into one big rocky island - Ubin.

Naked Fact #2:
Pulau Ubin is originally bisected down the middle by the river Sungei Jelutong. However, due to prawn farming over the decades, the island has been joined together by the mud bunds across the river that form the prawn ponds. Perhaps that would explain why 2 animals form the bulk of Ubin.

Naked Fact #3:
The islet off Ubin that can be seen from Chek Jawa is named Pulau Sekudu which means Frog Island. There is a rock on Pulau Sekudu that resembles a frog. In fact, a smiley face has been painted on the "face" of the rock. However, it looks most like a frog from its side profile.

CARE Message:
Understand and respect the tides.
Pulau Sekudu, like much of the inter-tidal areas of Chek Jawa, is only accessible at low tide. However, the tides can be unpredictable and dangerous especially when the tide is rushing in. The water level can suddenly increase and you can be trapped on the fast-submerging islet before you know it. Accidents have been known to happen so it's always important to check tide tables before going out to shore areas. Safety first!

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